How To Clean Red Wine From Your Carpet

Would you like to learn how to clean red wine from your carpet?

We all know the situation when the party is in full flow and the inevitable happens.

First thing is not to panic, accidents do happen and often without the need of a professional carpet cleaner.

Prompt action is required to prevent staining.

how to clean red wine from your carpet

Top tips on how to clean red wine from your carpet

You will need a 2 simple solutions for this spillage that you can make up yourself.

With these solutions you will know how to clean red wine from your carpet.

  • A Detergent and vinegar mix for cleaning
  • One teaspoonful of gentle detergent for washing woollens, to half a pint of warm water and a teaspoonful of white vinegar.
  • A Vinegar rinse to flush
  • Mix one-part white vinegar and four-parts water and pour into a spray bottle.

It is important to make sure you use a woollen detergent and NOT dishwashing liquid.

It is also important you use white vinegar and NOT malt vinegar.


  • Blot up surplus spillage with a clean white cloth or towel.
  • Use the detergent and vinegar solution a little at a time.
  • Work from the outer edge of the stain inwards.
  • Frequently blot with dry cloths until a satisfied result is achieved.
  • Spray the Vinegar rinse over the affected area.
  • Blot the dampened area (Do not rub ) to remove excess moisture.
  • Spread white towel or absorbent cloth over the affected area and place a weight on top.
  • Leave overnight and repeat if necessary.

how to remove red wine from your carpet

things to remember : how to clean red wine from your carpet

  • Do not over wet into the backing of the carpet
  • Always test any solution/detergent on an inconspicuous area first
  • Do not use inappropriate detergents on carpets or upholstery i.e. (washing up liquid, wash powders, household bleach, disinfectants.)
  • Scrape or blot up as much excess as possible prior to treatment.
  • Blot or dab, never rub or scrub.
  • Always work from the outside of the stain inwards to avoid spreading.
  • Apply the cleaning mix to a white cloth or towel not directly onto the carpet.
  • Use a white towel or cloth to avoid spreading unnecessary colours onto the carpet.
  • Deal with stains as quickly as possible for increased chances of success
  • Keep the carpet as dry as possible

Whilst the stain removal guide is basic, it should help prevent some quite common & expensive DIY stain removal damage. Unfortunately, there can never be a guarantee of complete removal of a stain. The correct routine will give your professional cleaner, if called in, the best possible chance of success.

Hopefully after this process you will know how to remove red wine from your carpet without calling a professional carpet cleaner.

NOTE: We are aware that some new carpets have been subjected to anti-static and soil-resistant treatments. Even when these have been applied, it is wise to follow the stain removal procedures suggested.


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