Professional carpet cleaner Swansea

Don’t get caught out with bait & switch operators, there are a few simple things you  can do to make sure you are using a professional carpet cleaner Swansea. With so many people setting up as so called professional carpet cleaners it has never been more important to research who you might be inviting into your home.

Professional carpet cleaner Swansea

How to choose your professional carpet cleaner Swansea.

We have compiled a small list of things you can do to make sure you have a professional carpet cleaner Swansea.

  1. Training
  2. Insured
  3. Equipment
  4. Reviews


Have they had proper training from a reliable source? There are a number of certified training providers all over the UK, there is no reason why you cant ask to see proof. After all you are paying for a professional so they should no problems with proving this to you.

Professional carpet cleaners Swansea should be keeping up to date with changes in the industry to ensure you are provided with the best possible service.

We at Carmarthenshire Cleaning are members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) The only government endorsed association for Soft furnishing cleaning.


Insurance is a vital thing for professional carpet cleaners Swansea because even with the constant ongoing training sometimes accidents can happen. It is at these times you find out what sort of cleaner you have really hired. Professional carpet cleaners have treatment risk insurance. This is different to the normal public liability which many people think is ok.

Treatment risk insurance covers professional carpet cleaners for the items of furniture which they are working on. General public liability insurance will not cover this leaving you at risk and out of pocket.

All NCCA members are required to have the appropriate insurance before being considered for membership.


Professional carpet cleaners Swansea will be using equipment which is up to the task in hand. We have a wide variety of machinery ensuring we can do the best job in any given situation.

A professional carpet cleaner will never turn up with a machine which you could hire yourself. If a so called professional carpet cleaner did or does arrive with a domestic machine alarm bells should start ringing.

Once the carpet has been cleaned it should never be soaking wet. we always advise that it will be damp to touch and dry and usable within a few short hours.


Any professional carpet cleaner Swansea will have reviews to back them up. We strongly recommend looking at them, after all this is what other people think about them and their service.

There are many ways of reviewing people these days for example:-

How to avoid rogue traders and get a professional carpet cleaner in Swansea?

By doing the above you will already have taken huge steps to hiring a true professional. You are now closer to making up your mind.

At this point there are still rogues who can seem to be just what your after. They will have the appropriate equipment and say all the right things. This is where you can often find the bait and switch tactic being used.

Bait and switch is where a company entice you in with cheap prices. Once in your home they hike them up for work that should be covered in a standard service. In 2013 Watchdog covered just this subject and highlighted what to look out for.

Another situation that recently hit media headlines was for the appalling customer service provided by a Plymouth based company. They had the relevant equipment to undertake a good job and still give the industry a bad name. The company in question are NOT on the database for the NCCA.

For piece of mind it is always advisable to search for your nearest NCCA Member

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