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There is nothing worse than noticing Mould or Bacteria in your home. It makes your environment feel dirty and you're embarrassed to invite guests over. Even worse, mould and bacteria can be very harmful for your family's health. We are professionals that have a wealth of knowledge in exterminating bacteria from your home.

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What are the key benefits of having your surfaces treated by us?

You Will Save Money in the Long Run.

The longer you leave your growing bacteria or mould, the worse it will get. Mould spreads. Invite us into your home to treat the bacteria before it spreads to more areas in your home.

Badly treated mould will also come back, ensure you hire a professional or you may end up paying twice.

Your Family Will Be Healthier. Fact.

Mould can have severe consequence's on you and you family's health and should not be ignored.

We not only clear the visible areas but start killing the source and prevent it from spreading further.

You Will Notice The Difference.

Growing Mould or Bacteria can make your home feel unclean. Let us thoroughly treat and clean the affected areas. You will come home to clean and bright walls again!

You're Inviting a Professional Into Your Home.

We are experts at mould treatment, we know how to carefully treat the problem without putting your family's health at danger. The treatment will be carried out professionally and safely. So, you can have peace of mind that your inviting an expert into your home.

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What Can We Guarantee With Our Mould and Bacteria Treatment Service?

If you haven’t already, take a look at our reviews page. Nobody can justify just how good we are quite like our happy customers. Our number 1 aim is to make every single customer we visit astounded by our cleaning service. To ensure we achieve this, we devised a list of Carmarthenshire Cleaning Guarantees: If you invite us into your home we guarantee that: 

  • You will only deal with friendly experts. From the moment you pick up the phone to the time we leave your home, you will interact with our team of professionals.
  • You will pay the price that you were quoted. No ‘bait and switch’ tactics. No ‘scams’.
  • We will arrive to your house on time. If there is a circumstance that is out of our control we will notify you as soon as possible.
  • You will notice a huge difference in your affected walls, they will look cleaner and be healthier.
  • You will only pay for your mould and bacteria treatment if you are 100% satisfied. We honour our ‘100% money back guarantee ‘.

We promise you will experience a 1st class service with Carmarthenshire Cleaning Services. Call us today to see how we can improve your home.

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Here is the step-by-step process we carry out on every home to ensure the bacteria and mould is treated to a professional standard: The process we use is a 4 step method:-

  1. The affected area is thoroughly cleaned of any mould.
  2. A special fogging system is then used to mist the affected area – it starts working after 30 seconds contact. Once the formula is on the area it sinks into whatever it attaches too and carries on working. The formula can not be washed off after 20 minutes so it will continue to work.
  3. The formula is sealed in with an added neutraliser which again can not be washed off and will prevent mould from returning through the walls.
  4. Finally a second mist of the formula is applied for an added protection.

Rapid Kill Kill is to log6 and immediate, as surface tension does not allow for bacterial regeneration. Bleach is effective in the cleaning of mould and has a log kill rate of 3 which is 99.9%, this will clean the surface but will not penetrate and is corrosive. This formula has a log kill rate of 6 which is 99.9999%, it is also non corrosive to any surface including metals and will penetrate any absorbent surface. Residually Efficacious This is the jewel in the crown, patented technology allows for extended kill capacity weeks, months years! As a relatively new formula it has surpassed all previous similar products and has been proven to still be alive and working over 12 months after application, ongoing tests are still being carried out, for this reason it is approved and used by all NHS hospitals across the uk. Over a 12 week study of 120 single rooms there was an 88% average reduction in TVC’s, no C diff was found during this study. Stable Heat, Sunlight or Travel distress has no effect on the product. Tolerant of soil, hard water, etc. UK water additives vary from region to region regardless these minerals have no effect on the product capability The formula is unaffected by hard or soft water, so regardless of where you are in the country the results will remain the same.


Our mould treatment is approved and used by the NHS across the U.K. Here are a few facts about the effective treatment we use: Broad spectrum of activity  4 different biocides and a surface tension at a nanoscopic level allows for diverse capability A biocide is something that kills organisms, because this formula works on a nanoscopic level it will only affect microscopic bacteria and is safe for anything larger e.g. insects, pets, humans etc. The unique structure of this formula means there is 4 biocides, therefore if the bacteria gets immune to one of them there are still 3 fighting it off.

Environmentally compatible and non-toxic Designed, marketed & registered to meet present and standards including the 2010 Biocide Product Directive (BPD) initiative. As this formula is nanoscopoc it has no affects on anything bigger than microscopic level, meaning plants and pets are safe. Non-corrosive Designed for multi-surface bonding including all metals. After undergoing many tests the formula has been designed to not affect the surfaces being treated including all metals. Economical Diverse capability through multiple biocide action allows for single SKU for varied roles, whilst residual efficacy allows for single application, giving long term savings. Safe to use Nanocopic levels allows for bacterial kill but safety against larger living organisms After application the treated areas are usable again within 1 hour causing minimal disruption. Does not form resistance Standard anti-microbial has single biocide action. This formula has 4 biocides therefore even if one specific bacteria develops a resistance we have 3 more to continue the fight.

Read what other customers have said about our Bacteria and Mould Treatment Service ….

Where Do We Offer Our Bacteria and Mould Treatment Service?

Our team of expert stone polisher specialists cover the whole of Carmarthenshire, including:

Carmarthen, Llanelli, Ammanford, St Clears, Llandeilo, Swansea, Mumbles, Neath, Port Talbot, Bridgend. If you can’t see your hometown, don’t worry! Call us, we may be able to clean your home or can recommend a cleaning company that will.


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  • Mrs Lewis says:

    Mould Treatment

    Amazed by the knowledge and professionalism. I had a few rooms to get done they were quite bad with black mould. They didn’t take as long as I thought and left the rooms looking amazing. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks again both.

  • Gail Jones says:

    Mould treatment

    Excellent results, my bathroom looks like new again! Very professional, didn’t need to do anything, no mess to clean up, all done quickly and efficiently. Thank you very much.

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